Tuesday, May 26, 2009

itunes, ipod, podcast through Raider Publishing

Hi All!

Update to previous blog on my interview with the publisher of my book, Faithful Devotion, will be aired tomorrow, May 27th, '09. It is on itunes, through Raider Publishing.


  1. Hi Lisa! Would love to hear this - my wife has ITunes on her PC (I don't have and Ipod)so hopefully I can get to listen in....!
    Am enjoying your book! although I haven't finished it yet as I didn't take it with me on my trip to Japan....hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Hi Gringo! How nice of you to drop in! I don't even have itunes, and have not heard it yet. Please let me know if you catch it. Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Lisa! Well, I've finished the book, amazing story of Pete's life and an insight into your relationship too....well done....Have sent you an email...meanwhile, all the best, Gringo