Sunday, April 26, 2009


Today, my dog, Leroy was wheezing, snorting and grunting. I listened to his lungs, and found "rhonchi" (course, rattling sound, like snoring) sounds in his right lobe. I decided to do CPT on him, just like I would a person. I keep Primatine Mist on hand, as my Shepherd, Sunny has had asthmatic type spasms. First I sprayed his nose with some of that, then I started CPT. As soon as I started the cupping and clapping on his side, he seemed to automatically position himself, so that I could reach the proper lobe. I did it for less than 10 minutes, when he suddenly turned on his back, like he does, when he's really felling good! I gave him a little "doggie wipe" bath, and he's now sound asleep. That is, not grunting, wheezing or snoring. I am so happy. This shot was taken several months ago, but that's his most "relaxed" position. The purpose of CPT in humans, is to help the patient cough and expectorate. Of course dogs "can't spit," yet he is sleeping peacefully, with no noise.

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