Monday, April 20, 2009

Interview and Other Events of Today

My interview with my publisher, went well today. He asked some great questions. It will be aired on Raider Broadcast Networks, June 3rd.
Today I found something I never knew my yellow lab, liked. I rubbed his head and face with a dry wash clothe. He acted like he was enjoying a "facial." He never likes it, when it's wet, but when it was dry, he "lapped it up!"
As it turns out, I'm going to work one more night, at the sleep lab this week, tomorrow (Tuesday). When I turned my keys in, I was told that there was still one patient on the books for the 21st. I checked back, and as they have not hired anyone, (and may not be planning to, for a while) I said I'd fill in.
One last thing. In my interview today, I talked a little about the next book I'm going to write. It is the one dealing with depression, and has a bittersweet ending. I've decided I'm not going to be blogging the book, after all. I may throw out little "tidbits" about my writing, but I've decided the subject is way to dark and deep for me to blog. But it will come out, and hopefully, my "editor" won't move away, then get sick and die on me.... ;o)

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