Sunday, March 1, 2009

Faithful Devotion, Description

How does it feel to come to the end of your first tour of duty, as a twenty-three year old Army Officer? How does it feel to leave your command post, and walk through a human corridor of 1400 men, each of whom salute you with the snapping of their rifles, and shouting the Korean words for, I'm ready to fight!, present arms? It was at this moment that "Peter" (Alvin Louis Smith, Jr.) had arrived; had accomplished his military goal. After the Korean Conflict, Peter's next Foreign assignment as vice counsel in Port Said, Egypt, brings the reader into the world of espionage, intrigue and murder. The espionage theme picks up again in Bangkok, Thailand, where he worked undercover at a tourist attraction he and his partner developed. The theme park called, TIMLAND, enjoyed international fame, when the reigning Miss Thailand became Miss Universe, and had pictures of herself taken at TIMLAND, saying how much she liked the park. From Bangkok, Peter volunteers for Vietnam, where he gets involved in "The Green Beret Murder Case," which many believed to be caused by him. When it was discovers that his Principle Agent was a double agent. The agent, Chuyen Thai Khac, was murdered Although Peter was the only Green Beret of the eight arrested who was against the murder, he like the others, spent 28 days in solitary confinement in Vietnam.


  1. Hi Lisa!
    I just want u to know I ordered your book today on Amazon! Thanks to your blog. We're off to the sunny French Riveria in a few weeks and hopefully I'll have the book to read on the beach! Seriously, looking forward to reading it!I'm struggling with my book, which is fiction, but based on my own army life as it was....

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    I'm so glad to hear from you, and happy you have ordered my book! I've been wanting to contact you, but didn't know how...? Been wondering about the panda pic. Was expecting to see a pic of your dog. The French Riveria! Wow, how lucky! I truely hope you enjoy my story, and wish you all the best with yours. Also, curious about your blog name, Gringo....?
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  3. Hi Lisa, Well, Gringo was my army nickname, I had a handlebar moustache – in the 60’s anyway, and the nickname stuck.
    The pic – I just kinda like Pandas! Keep monitoring; I may stick a pic of Lucky the Beagle up this weekend!
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  5. Faithful Devotion a movie.

    Sade has already produced the song and video for the movie soundtrack, with Soldier of Love (by Vevo)