Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Off the night shift

Hi There Faithful Friends,

Currently working what I hope is my last night at the sleep lab. I ended up NOT giving my 2 wk. notice last week, as my computer crashed, before I could finish the "resignation" letter! I took that as a "sign" that it was not time. However, I did give my notice yesterday. I offered to train my replacement, if necessary, but I have a feeling they may not schedule any patients in the next 2 wks. ..... Tonight I am treating an older gentleman, with severe sleep apnea. He was fitted with a full-face mask, and is not doing well on a current pressure of 16 cm H20. The max I can go up to, is 20, on this machine. He is still having apnic events, and his oxygen is decreasing as a result. Perhaps you can tell, I do enjoy the work, just not the HOURS!
I became a respiratory therapist, after my husband death, as he needed a lot of respiratory care. I have enjoyed my work with patients very much, and I will always an RT, for family, friends and loved ones who may need my care. It's been a great learning experience.

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