Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Working a night job

I am currently working in a sleep lab, doing a Polysomnograhpy (baseline) study. I'm planning on giving my 2 wk notice to quit tonight. As a "night owl," working nights is not too difficult. However, as a person who requires a lot of sleep, (8-9 hrs per day)the mornings are rough. The next day, I'm lucky if I get 6 hrs. sleep, as it's just difficult for me to sleep in the daytime. Invaribly, I feel "run down" the day after working a night shift; almost like I'm about to get a cold. For those lucky people, who can get by with 5-6 hrs. or less a night, this job may not be to difficult. I'm taking a gamble by quiting, as I'm believing that my recent book release will soon be keeping me busy, and generating enough income, at the same time.
In truth, one of the hardest things about workig nights, is the fact that I miss my dogs terribly..... I know they are OK, as they are not left alone, but they are all getting old, and require a lot of care. Taking care of them is the "job" I love best.

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